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Group Workshops


Do you want to learn more ways to strengthen your core or pelvic floor, but prefer a general wellness approach?

Have you thought about trying physical therapy, but not feeling comfortable about treatment “down there” at this time?

Or perhaps you had therapy, but want to learn more about how to use your pelvic muscles with other fitness activities.

These Aren’t Grandma’s Old Kegel Exercises!

Pelvic Health and Fitness Level I: Going beyond the pelvic floor- Not isolating for power! 

12 weeks to learn updated exercises for improving your muscle control, reducing tension, improving coordination and strength!

There will  be monthly 75 min live, virtual workshop with instruction and open to questions.

You may receive weekly programming with exercise instruction and reminders, which are assigned to match your needs. You will have personal access to ask questions with check ins for updating your program.

You can also have the option for including 3 private trainings, that can be virtual or in the clinic!


Workshop and video topics include education and practical exercise training.  Anatomy & Pressures, Improving sensory awareness and how to start with light contractions and other warm-up exercises. 

Tips for calming and recharging your muscles, to minimize fatigue. Intro to pelvic floor. How to find your pelvic floor muscles and deep core abdominals.

How to add power without holding breath or losing support.  Practice with breath with tips for calming bladder urge, tension. 

Explore use of pelvic floor and deep abdominals while adding arms without strain.  How to activate both upper and lower body so have “chain reaction of support- Bottom up and inside-out!”

Begin adding Pelvic Floor Boost exercises, sitting. Why and how to avoid “grip and go”. 

Tips for promoting wellness of bladder, bowel and comfort during intimacy.

Exercises for when reclined, sitting and standing.

A new group currently begins every 1-2 months.  Welcome to anyone over-18 with internet that can connect virtually.

These are not  personalized physical therapy evaluation or treatments.

Please email or give us a call to schedule, or if you have a question about our workshop series.


Pelvic Health Level 2 & 3 : Group Workshops for Reducing Tension or Power-up!

* Requires Level I or approval by instructor. Please contact us to ask about times and to register.