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Group Workshops


Do you want to learn more ways to strengthen your core or pelvic floor, but prefer a general wellness approach?

Have you thought about trying physical therapy, but not feeling comfortable about treatment “down there” at this time?

Or perhaps you had therapy, but want to learn more about how to use your pelvic muscles with other fitness activities.

Our new clinic in the Crozet/ Western Albemarle area has a lovely room for our mini workshops!

These educational and practice workshops are multi-generational and multi-gender inclusive.

*Some workshops may have virtual options for small group participation, which are not recorded.

*Workshops may vary from descriptions for sequences at different weeks. These are not  personalized physical therapy evaluation or treatments. Please call 434 979-5559 or email for scheduling.  Can also contact us through our portal. Payment due at time of registration to reserve your place. Participants are voicing these are informative and great for practicing letting go of pelvic tension!


These Aren’t Grandma’s Old Kegel Exercises!

Pat brings over 30 yrs specializing in pelvic health into this education and sitting exercise workshop.

Basic Single Workshop Includes:

Intro to pelvic floor-How to find your pelvic floor muscles and deep core abdominals and why to start with learning how to release. Training starts with gentle contractions, instead of straining.

Visuals with 3-D anatomy and diagrams.

Pelvic floor warm-up exercises (not Kegels or counting holds).  You will learn a 10-15 min exercise warm-up, and welcome to attend without committing to other services.

Handouts and link for a short practice video of the warm-up exercises.

Monthly on Saturdays Fall 2022. This wellness and fitness workshop is $55 and is limited to the first 4 participants who register.


New Ways to See Abs-in-Action!

Did you know it is possible to see the layers of abdominal muscles, using ultrasound imaging? We just use different settings, to watch the muscles in action!

Workshop includes:

Will show abdominals in a new way, to help understand some alternatives to crunches.

Come to this single workshop, to have a look with ultrasound at the abs. We will have a demo, plus option for seeing yours’ in action.

You will also learn basic ab-training exercises for general fitness.

We also teach how to team your abs with your pelvic floor, to trigger a gentle “chain reaction of support”!

This wellness and fitness workshop is $65 and is limited to the first 4 participants who register.



Pelvic Health Level I:  Going Beyond the Pelvic Floor- Not Isolating for Power!

Week 1: Intro workshop -Gentle ex of pelvic Floor and abdominals, together with spine.  Improving sensory awareness.  Tips for calming and recharging your muscles, to minimize fatigue. (See basic single “Not Kegels” Worshop Description.)

Week 2: Adding Pelvic Floor Boost exercises, without strain. Other tips for the breath during exercise, for power without losing support.

Week 3: Why and how to avoid “grip and go”. Tips on using gentle resistance for Pelvic floor boosts part 2. More on gentle endurance for moving forward.

Seated options chair and/or mat: 3 weeks 60 min. Fee $150

Pelvic Health Level 2: Mat Practices with Pelvic Floor Exercises and Movement

*Requires ability to get down/up at mat, plus Level I or may use our raised mat with approval by instructor. We welcome different abilities with modifications to avoid strain.

Usually continuation of same day and time after Level 1 Series. 

Week 1: Intro to mat program: reclined with Mexican blankets for core support. Learn about “Snooze Bar Yoga”, mat sitting modifications.  

Week 2: Coordination of abdominals, pelvic floor and spine with yoga ball or sitting disk. 

Week 3:  Modified bridges, Hip Telescopes, modified child poses for PF,  4-point glides for PF with protective hand positioning, may start Down-dog prep.

Week 4: More Down-dog prep to D-dog,  supported rest poses including tree, cobbler, beginning planks, as appropriate.

4 weeks 60 Minutes/ Fee $150

Pelvic Health Level 3: Power-up in Standing!

*Requires ability to stand without support, plus Level I or approval by instructor

Week 1: Pelvic floor activations and coordination with standing poses: Mountain, Chair/ mini squat.  Beginning additions arm motions.

Week 2-  Deep core deep core “All in Ones”, movement flows with  adaptations from medical therapeutic yoga

Week 3:  Advanced Standing- PF coordination with modified lunge, modified tree

3 weeks 60 Minutes/ Fee $125

Level 4 Pelvic Health and Yoga

Coming 2023