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Advanced Technologies

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Passages PT offers advanced technologies for patients to learn about the sources of their symptoms and help them heal faster!


Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging:

Passages PT offers Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging, RUI for non-invasive muscle training.  You can see your muscles in action, looking from outside of the abdominal regions.  It is similar to diagnostic ultrasound, but is set to show muscles, fascia and even the bladder. Patients love seeing the layers of the abdominals at work, to learn how to activate for helping stabilize the spine, pelvis and hips. It is also amazing to watch the lower pelvic muscles lift and release the bladder, especially with a cough, sneeze or leg lift!  This can help you learn to find your deepest core muscles to support the spine and pelvic organs. For those with abdominal muscle separation, it can be useful to watch effects as you try different movements or exercises.


Clinical and Home EMG Biofeedback:

Patients become encouraged when they are able to see the display of their pelvic floor contractions and ability to release them. EMG is similar to watching a heart  monitor, except the surface patches are at the lower pelvic region. We start gently and build endurance with coordinating with breath and good alignment. Later we add moderate and stronger contractions, instead of just straining for high power efforts at the start. This is also essential for teaching how to release for “Reverse Kegels”. Letting go of the pelvic floor muscles can help with pain, difficulty emptying the bladder or bowel, or when muscle clenching influences pain with sex.  We often start in a reclined position, but change to sitting and even add active arm and leg movements. We can monitor changes and measure response to treatments, after we have a early baseline. Some patients choose to order hand-held portable trainers to watch their muscles working at home.