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After a baby, what’s next?

Do you have a bigger belly after your baby? Back getting sore from lifting and bending? Are you having pain with sex or the embarrassment of leaking?

Moms have been reading and asking about the healing services available in France after they have a baby. New mothers are encouraged to attend physiotherapy sessions to treat scar regions, return muscle tone (including to the bottom) and learn how to protect their backs during childcare. Several online “Mommy Blogs” have threads asking how to find these services in our country.


We recognize that women with with infants don’t always have the time, energy or resources for attending frequent treatment or fitness classes at the gym.

Passages PT has early interventions for helping healing and preventing problems with just 3-6 visits after the evaluation! This does not have to be consecutive weeks.


Many women find it helpful to see the muscles of support with abdominal rehab ultrasound imaging. It is possible to view pelvic floor muscles, that are below the bladder, and train for a better  lift with a contraction. They also see what happens with a cough or sneeze!

Moms can learn home programs to do while they are busy with infant care. We treat moms with symptoms in physical therapy, plus see some for wellness education for prevention.

We work with patients who do not have insurance, have high deductibles or are experiencing financial hardship. We have programs and payment plans to help you receive needed services.