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FAQ & Your First Visit

Clients often have questions about PT and abdominal, spine, hip and pelvic health.  

If you do not see your question here, a brief phone or virtual Discovery consult can be helpful.

What is the initial consultation like and how long does it last?

Initial visits are currently offered virtually or at the clinic.  We start with discussing your history and what are your main concerns and options for your session that day.  Our approach isn’t just about learning the intensity and frequency of your symptoms- we want to know what your personal goals are!

It is important to know that there aren’t any exams that are required. Our initial virtual visit may include instruction for self-exam, to assist finding your muscles. This may be as simple as using a mirror or having a rolled towel for gentle contact. Some patients with incontinence, pelvic region pain and elimination problems may benefit from palpation of the abdominal and “pelvic floor” support muscles. We can test the pelvic floor muscles’ internal lifting action and note possible areas of tightness, tenderness or spasm.

We do our best to offer choices to meet your concerns and what you are comfortable with.   We normally get started with some training the visit, including suggestions for home practice.

Plan for up to 1.5-2 hours total time, including check-in process and scheduling.

How will my specific PT treatments/plan be chosen?

The history and evaluation shape your plan of care. Together we discuss a variety of treatment options and choose strategies to begin to meet your needs.  We can work together to decide on frequency of appointments, types of treatment and what is helpful to do at home to help you get better faster. Part of the planning takes place after your initial visit, so the therapist can review all of the information.

Will PT be painful?

We do not push through pain and always have your personal comfort in mind.

Is a referral required for me to make an appointment with Passages PT?

In Virginia, as in many other states, you have the right to see a physical therapist for up to 60 days without a prescription. This is called Direct Access, and allows you to seek treatment for your condition today, with agreement to consult with your physician or other medical provider if need for care is for more than a month.  We may also suggest you see a physician sooner. Some insurances may require the PT prescription for initial visit, even if you are sending in your own claims.

Does PassagesPT accept insurance?

Patients normally pay for their visits at the time of service, unless they have made other arrangements. We work with many patients who have high deductibles,  do not have insurance, or are experiencing financial hardship. We can give you a receipt with codes after we process the date of service, which you may be able to submit to your insurance for out-of-network providers.  We have some special flat rate programs, plus let us know if you need a payment plan.

Is a pre-authorization required for insurance coverage?

We do not make pre-authorization calls for insurances at this time. If your insurance requires pre-authorization for physical therapy, please contact the number on your card to see if you may submit your coded receipts for reimbursement or for going toward your deductible for out-of-network providers.

Other FAQ’s about your first visit & what to expect.

What changes have been made to the office for physical distancing, disinfecting services and personal hygiene during the Covid Pandemic?

We have taken steps to reduce in-office time, to be able to focus on treatment and training when we are together. We talk on the phone prior to an initial consultation, to go over options for your visit and discuss payment questions. Registration forms are usually customized, then completed through our client portal. There may be some additional consents and/or questionnaires when you arrive. For those without computers, we can help enter your information before you come.

May I bring a friend, family member, or child to my appointment?

Patients may bring a spouse, family member, or friend to their appointments when medically necessary to accompany them during the actual visit, or if patient is a minor.

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, infants and children are not allowed in the clinic, unless they are being treated as our patient.

Do you double book patients on follow up appointments and how many visits might I expect?

Passages PT provides the personalized care you need, without relying heavily on techs and assistants.  This allows us to keep the focus on you and your treatment, plus we never double-book our time!

Follow-ups are usually up to an hour.

We do our best to pack training and information into each visit, so you won’t usually need to interrupt your week for multiple therapy appointments.  Most of our clinic patients start with visits at 1-2 week intervals.  This compares to 2-3 times a week for 3-4 wks,  or longer, before reducing frequency in traditional rehab centers.

Do I need to bring my medical records or other history of treatment information?

If you have been seeing another healthcare practitioner, we welcome any and all information that would help to develop your individualized and best treatment plan.

What clothing should I wear to my appointment?

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, since your visit may include looking at alignment of your spine and extremities. We may observe or measure movement at the joints or check your strength.