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Special Programs

We have special programs that go beyond managing symptoms. We help you reach your goals by including how to reduce tension, to reduce pain, prevent fatigue and build endurance.

Some clients also participate in our  Group Workshops, for training and education that doesn’t require all 1:1.

Harmony for Your Core & 90 Days to jump-start your goals!

  • Clients don’t need to wait to have questions answered or to progress between sessions.
  • We go beyond the local pelvic muscles to integrate how your muscles, position and breath work together.
  • You can train through enjoyable movement flows and exercise groupings that can be in a chair, on a  yoga ball, or in standing or on a mat.

How can you get started?

Follow this link for a simple questionnaire. This lets us know a bit about you and good times to reach you.


Program Testimonials:

“Pat truly cares about her patients and has learned a variety of techniques to help reduce pain and strengthen muscles. I have learned about how the pelvic floor muscles work, how to complete a variety of exercises, gained an understanding of the science of pain, yoga, relaxation techniques, and biofeedback. She has given me soo many strategies to help me strengthen my muscles and relieve pain. I will keep note of everything I have learned and continue to use it for the rest of my life. The online videos, live classes, and visual notes for exercises have been extremely helpful to me and I am thankful that I decided to do the three month online/in person program with Passages Physical Therapy.” -JM

“I highly recommend Passages PT for anyone looking to improve their pelvic floor wellness! After having my baby, I struggled with pelvic floor pain and pressure, and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get back to my usual activities. The physical therapist working with me provided incredible expertise on the science of pain and how our pelvic floor works and heals as well as encouragement and practical individualized exercises as we worked towards restoring my pelvic floor! I saw nearly immediate improvement with her help as well as growth and improvement over the course of months. Thanks Passages PT for your help!” – DH

“Pat is so knowledgeable! Every woman needs to know about the importance of pelvic floor and postural muscles- its not always about making them stronger but using them the right way! I was so discouraged- so many doctors and specialists could not help me target my hip/back/shoulder pain. If you struggle with unexplained hip/back/pelvic pain — please check out what Pat and Passages has to offer!!!!!” -ML

“When I came to Pat, I had just gotten over my first major bout of pelvic area pain (tension, stress, and clenching related). I was beginning to heal, but didn’t have the tools to help me do so properly. Working with Pat, I’ve been able to find the right exercises and stretches to get things working together again. After working with her for a few months, I’m pain-free the vast majority of days (and when I do have pain, it’s almost always related to a specific trigger, and the tools Pat taught me help me get back to my new normal more quickly). I highly recommend men with pelvic pain working with Pat.” -RC