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Special Programs

Our 12 week Platform of Care combines personal appointment sessions and check-ins, with digital education for step-by-step trainings.  This provides convenience and flexibility for when it suits you best.

What is different? A message from Pat Salin Huston: 

These aren’t your old Kegel exercises! Our program is designed to focus on how the entire system of support works together. This often means addressing tension at the pelvis, abdominals & along the spine. Your postural muscles often need to train how much to hold and when to release. Kegels are a vintage approach that was developed in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It can be a short-term answer for some, but all the attention is on local, hard squeezes. Most clients need to learn how much to work, plus how to influence the pressures above your pelvic basin, so you aren’t only depending on a small group of muscles.

Our program is special, by putting together treatment and training by individual appointments, with supervised use of online content. I have brought together experiences from over 30 yrs working specifically with pelvic health and women’s health problems. This answers the need for those who want more than exercise handouts or independent online videos.

What is special about Passages PT’s 12 week programs?

Here is an example of a framework to provide focus, that can be customized for you!

  • Discover & calm core postural muscles, including pelvic floor, abdominals and spine
  • Learn how to help all of your postural muscles be a team, to improve support
  • Put training into movement for enjoyable home practice sessions

To be eligible for this program, ask yourself some questions:

  1. What is it I want to be able to do, that I’m not able to do now? Is it something I’ve done before, or something new?
  2. What are my feelings, fears and frustrations?
  3. How much do I want this to change?
  4. Will I commit to learn how to manage my time, to make room for my self-care?

To respond to your commitment:

  1. When you have questions , you don’t need to wait for an appointment. You can reach out through our personal private messaging in the portal. You will hear back within 24 hrs on most business days.
  2. You will have an individual virtual assessment after you enter intake details about your history and goals. We start your training and education, plus what to practice before concluding that visit.
  3. Handouts and step-by step videos are provided to you, at a pace to suit your needs. This is a customized program, without a long library of things you choose to watch.
  4. A follow-up visit is often scheduled at the clinic within 2-3 weeks, depending on your progress with symptoms and video education.
  5. Your home program is usually examined weekly, whether or not you have a private session scheduled.


  1. You can mark activities as done through our portal, plus let us know if you want more (or less) to do.
  2. There is an optional health tracker to note record your own sleep, pain and mood, along with others.

Do I need a new referral from my medical provider?

We accept referrals (scripts) from medical providers. If you are currently living or visiting in Virginia, you may be eligible to begin physical therapy through what is called direct access.

What if I mainly want access to the wellness features, with the education and step-by-step videos?

Some clients are wanting general pelvic health education and/or pelvic health with yoga movements.

What if I have already had pelvic health physical therapy, or live out of state or in another country? 

We can talk about your option as a wellness client. You may be advised to check in with your local medical provider.

Will I be able to send in a receipts to go toward an insurance deductible?

These flat-rate programs are not tracked by sessions or assigned treatment codes and are not eligible for insurance payment.

After I sign up, pay and schedule, what happens next?

You will receive an email to notify you about documents in your portal to complete online. You may also receive some requests for additional information through the messaging within our app.

The link for your virtual intake assessment will be sent through the messaging, at the time your appointment should start.

We hope you enjoy this new experience!