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Fitness & Wellness Private Sessions

Group programs are on hold until further notice, due to the pandemic.


Private wellness sessions help give tips for pelvic health, to add into your fitness activities.

Includes sensory awareness and use of pelvic floor, along with abdominals and spine muscles, in different poses and movements.  Come explore how to use pelvic and abdominal support muscles during movement, without clenching. Your muscles need to work as a team to fight pressures during action!

Clients love our training for the convenience of how to enjoy fitness at home on a mat or with a therapeutic gym ball.

Wellness visits do not require a medical prescription. They are more general in nature.


Pelvic Health and Yoga: Single sessions,  up to 2 participants.  Currently offered as private, virtual sessions, to be practicing breath and movement without masks.  You are welcome to bring a buddy and save!





Fitness & Pelvic Health: Single Sessions. How to train and pace for returning to gym, HIIT, using weights or running.










Symptoms may improve through wellness programs, but it always recommended that you tell your medical provider about any problems you may have. Other medical assessment or formal PT evaluation with structured treatment may be indicated.