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Low Pressure Fitness & Hypopressives

Wellness training and rehabilitation can work together to fight the pressures that create problems of the back, belly and bottom. We recommend therapy and wellness services that promote a full body approach, since abdominal and pelvic health aren’t just about clenching muscles. We train the timing of the deepest core muscles to work better with the full spine, hips, ribs and shoulders. The alignment of our body during activities also is important.

Low Pressure Fitness with Hypopressive Posture Training


Low Pressure Fitness has roots in yoga, fitness and posture.  Our LPF wellness training program is instructed by kinesiotherapist and posture specialist Ruth Meyer, MEd, RKT, ATRIC, LPF1, NPIPS.

Low Pressure Fitness breathing and postural training decreases pressures at the base of the pelvis by focusing on specific postural patterns and combining expansion of the ribcage with the elevation of the diaphragm. It adds to direct pelvic floor training and is different with some aspects of rehabilitation. LPF breath sequences can create a lifting action that comes from the diaphragm and helps bring pelvic organs upward.  Low Pressure Fitness teaches how to support our internal organs and pelvic floor by managing intra-abdominal pressures generated during lifting, exertional movements, coughing, sneezing and other efforts.  This can be a useful tool for support at rest, during activities, or even if you are on your feet all day!