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Our Team


Pat Salin Huston


Pat Salin Huston is a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience working primarily with women’s health issues, with focus on pelvic, abdominal and postural health. She has been an advocate for promoting awareness of available services through many of life’s transitions. This includes special focus on prenatal and postpartum care. Pat founded Passages PT in 2005 to give treatment in a private and caring setting.  She has been proactive for updating programs through evidence based practice, while providing natural approaches. This includes non-invasive technologies for useful ways for clients to train, with commitment for individualized needs.

Master in Science in Physical Therapy, Texas Woman’s University, Houston 1979

CAPP Certification for Pelvic PT, APTA Section on Women’s Health 2010

Board Certified Biofeedback, Pelvic Muscle Disorders , Certification International Alliance, BCIA 2009

Certification candidate through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute for Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Wellness education and health promotion

Presented at the Charlottesville Birth Expo and Birth Matters for prenatal and postpartum education, created the first incontinence and post-hysterectomy rehab programs and instructional classes in our region, volunteered to organize walker training, including techniques for on speed walking, for the Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler Training Program, lectured about incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction to physicians, NPs, RNs, medical students and community groups in California and Virginia.

Experience and Training
Pat has worked in a variety of clinical environments, including private practice, acute and outpatient hospitals, SNF & home care services, and infant & early childhood intervention. Clinical experience spans treatments for abdominal and spine rehabilitation, bladder and bowel incontinence, urge and frequency, (female, male and pediatric), interstitial cystitis IC, constipation, pelvic pain conditions, pelvic organ prolapse POP, post-prostate pelvic floor rehab, post mastectomy and breast care, lymphedema treatment, TMJ and general orthopedics.

Continuing education courses/ training

IPPS From Biology to Behavior: Integrating Current Biology and Biopsychosocial Principles in the Management of Pelvic Pain, Paul Hodges, Lorimer Mosley. 3rd World Congress on Abdominal & Pelvic Pain, Hosted by International Pelvic Pain Society 2017. The Abdominal Wall and Diastasis Recti Abdominis: Should we Open or Close the Gap?, Diane Lee. The Female Athlete (Lower Half) Antony Lo- The Physio Detective. Medical Therapeutic Yoga Levels I-IV, Professional Yoga Institute, Ginger Garner. Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging RUI Women’s Health and Orthopedic Topics – Alison Ariel, Herman & Wallace. Yoga for Pelvic floor, Leslie Howard, Yogaville. AUGS/IUGA Scientific Meeting for Urogynecology 2014. Extra-Articular Pelvic and Hip Labrum Injury, Ginger Garner, Herman & Wallace. Pudendal Neuralgia Assessment, Treatment and Differentials, Tracy Sher, Loretta Robertson, Herman & Wallace. Low Light Laser Therapy, Indefree.  Stabilization and Pelvic Floor, Paul Hodges. Strain and Counterstrain,  Jones Institute.  International Society for Study of  Women’s Sexual Health, Annual Meeting. 2004. Visceral Mobilization, Gail Wetzler.  IPPS Annual Meeting Chicago, Lymphadema management. Pelvic Floor Rehab 1, 2 A, 2B, 3, APTA. Pelvic Biofeedback, John Perry. Care and Treatment of the Female Patient, APTA. TMJ Seminars. Maitland Series.

Teaching Assistant with Herman & Wallace:  Yoga as Medicine for Labor and Postpartum

Teaching Assistant with Herman & Wallace:  Yoga as Medicine for Pregnancy

American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Women’s Health Committee Chair 2009 for Reimbursement, Payments and Policy.


Pat is married, with favorite time being with her family and friends. Pat loves music, yoga, walking, swimming, gardening.


Laura Panzarella


Laura Panzarella is a physical therapist who has been a women’s health advocate for over 10 years, which includes pelvic health, prenatal/ postpartum and breast cancer rehabilitation. She has been the lead pelvic floor and lymphedema therapist in several clinical settings. Her advanced training and focus on the shoulder girdle has been very useful for helping overall function of the arm, which can be a problem for some women undergoing treatments. She also has strong sports medicine skills, with an interest in protecting pelvic health for runners. She has a special interest in integrating the principles of the Pilates method and yoga into her rehabilitation programs.

Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy SUNY Upstate Medical University 2008
Master of Physical Therapy/BS Health Science SUNY Upstate Medical University 2002
BS in Biology, Loyola College in Maryland 1999
Combined Honors Program: University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom 1999

Wellness education and health promotion
Laura has been treating the women’s health population including incontinence, pain and breast cancer-related conditions. Her special interest is in pre and post-natal care and ways to prevent long term problems from pregnancy and delivery. She loves working with the spine and alignment for both women and men, to learn how to take care of themselves, while taking care of their infants and family needs. She is sensitive to the experiences of moms who are at home or in other work environments.

Experience and Training
Laura has worked in a variety of settings, including private practice and outpatient hospital clinics. She has also worked as a seasonal therapist for the players of a semi-professional rugby organization in Queensland, Australia. In addition to her work with women’s related conditions, she received specialized training in Long Beach, CA for the rehabilitation of post-surgical conditions of the extremities including complex shoulder injuries. Laura’s experience includes treating sports injuries of any level from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete.

Continuing education courses/ training include:

International Pelvic Pain Society From Biology to Behavior: Integrating Current Biology and Biopsychosocial Principles in the Management of Pelvic Pain, Paul Hodges, Lorimer Mosley. The Abdominal Wall and Diastasis Recti Abdominis: Should We Open or Close the Gap?, Diane Lee. The Female Athlete (Lower Half) Antony Lo- The Physio Detective. Post Natal Nutrition, Burrell Education. Yoga as Medicine for Pregnancy, Ginger Garner. Safe Yoga Prescription in Medicine and Wellness: An Evidence Based Model for Improving Health Care & Expanding Your Practice. The “3 P’s of Practice”: Yoga for Preventing Practitioner Burnout, Promoting Professional Growth, and Improving Patient Outcomes through Psychoneuorphysiological & Neuromuscular Awareness. Introduction to the Pilates Principles for Rehabilitation. Running Injuries: Examination, Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Interventions. De-Mystifying Pudendal Neuralgia: A Physical Therapist’s Approach. Oncology Rehabilitation: Living Well With Cancer. Female Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment I & II. CranioSacral Therapy I & II. Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen. Lymphedema Management – Leduc Method – Basic and Advanced. Strain and Counterstrain I; For the Spine.

Teaching Assistant for lymphedema management.

Laura is married and has 2 young sons . She enjoys reading, being outdoors and travelling.


Ruth Meyer


Ruth is an experienced kinesiotherapist, with over 30 years specializing in aquatic therapy, transitional rehabilitation and pain management. This includes focus to study pelvic floor disorders during her work at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center, in Richmond, VA.  She is the 25th recipient of the ” John K. Williams, Jr. International Adapted Aquatics Award” for 2019.  She has been an instructor for the Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Programs for 11 years, including the annual Wounded Warrior Weekend adaptive snowsports programs.  She has been an advocate for wellness and healthy lifestyle choices to  create a successful, active life  using tools to manage weight, pain and function.


Bachelor of Arts in chemistry, Bucknell University, 1977

Masters of Education, kinesiotherapy, University of Toledo 1981

Registered Corrective Therapist/Kinesiotherapist , 1980

Aquatic Therapy certification 1998

Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association ( WABA),  Watsu® practitioner 1997,  Watsu 1 instructor 2006

National Posture Institute certified posture specialist 2017

Low Pressure Fitness certificate level 1, 2018

Wellness education and health promotion

Ruth has been writing articles in community papers and providing wellness lectures on functional fitness, arthritis care, low back pain, aquatic exercise and healthy eating patterns since 1990. Ruth continued her wellness education as a wellness coach through Federal Workers Wellness and HPDP MOVE! Weight management programs.

Experience and training

Ruth has worked in a variety of clinical environments including state institutions; private rehabilitation centers, retirement communities, fitness facilities, medical rehab, private therapy practices and veterans hospital.

Continuing education

Yoga for Pelvic Floor – Yogaville, Leslie Howard, April 2015; NPI posture specialist training October 2017; Ai Chi Basics February 2017; Risk Awareness and Safety Training February 2017;  Low Pressure Fitness February 2017, AMP_IT certification, Walter Reed Military Medical Center October 2016; Yoga as Treatment for Health- US Dept Veterans Affairs, WRIISC May 2016; Watsu instructor training 2006- August 2017; Waterdance level 1 Marathon FL;  Understanding Diabetes, July 2015, INR, , Aquastretch, ATRI 6/2014, Employee HPDP Wellness coach – Minneapolis MN April 2010,2011& 2012, Healthier Federal Workers, Sept 2011 & 2012; T’ai Chi for Arthritis , Arthritis Foundation April2010.


Ruth loves celebrating life at Fridays after Five, dancing west coast swing, practicing Iyengar yoga, walking, Habitat for Humanity builds, Rivanna Trail cleanup and walking, gardening, skiing, water exercise, laughing and play.